Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Invisible Passenger

You know you're slipping when something totally blogworthy happens and it doesn't even occur to you to blog about it! I was reminded about it because a friend asked this morning {I had mentioned it on Facebook the other day}.

Last Saturday I pulled into the lot at a local park. As I sat in the car checking my phone, putting earbuds in, etc., I heard some noises that sounded like they might be under the car. I had parked right next to a big tree, so I thought maybe it was the branches hitting my car. Or perhaps it was a squirrel running around. I did look around and didn't see anything going on near me that was noisy. Didn't think any more about it.

Later in the day, hubs and I headed to a drive-thru for coffees. When hubs rolled down his window to pay, we heard a loud meowing and thought a cat might be wandering around. Didn't see anything and headed through the parking lot. At that point I remembered the noises in the morning and asked hubs if we might have a cat in the car. He pulled over and looked under the hood and peeked under the car - nothing there. We headed home, but as we were driving, I heard meowing again! Oh no - that meant there definitely was an extra passenger hidden somewhere in the car. Since we were almost home, we drove on. Neither of us was looking forward to checking this out as we knew the cat probably had been in the car all day and cats & engines aren't a good combo.

Finally hubs spotted the kitten! And it looked to be OK other than frightened and hot. See it in the pic?

Hubs tried to give it water from under the car, but it wouldn't take it. He called Animal Control and blew a fan down there while we waited. They decided it was a feral cat and used tongs to try and get it out, but it kept moving away. It finally found an opening underneath and ran out of the car and out of the garage like a lightening bolt! It was obviously not injured. They thought it looked to be about 6 months old and definitely feral. We could not find it anywhere - probably ran off down the street.

The Animal Control ladies didn't seem too concerned about it, which we thought was a little odd since we didn't truly know if the cat was going to be okay and since we just released a wild cat into our neighborhood. Sorry, neighborhood. But we were glad to have it out of the car and so so glad that it hadn't been injured while in there! Could have been an ugly scene.

No more invisible passengers for us, thank you very much!

Have you ever had an invisible passenger? Did it turn out OK?

Have a blessed day friends!


  1. Oh yeah, I remember you mentioning this on FB. I am really surprised he survived. Your weather has been hotter than ours lately. We keep our cars in the garage so we haven't had any critters in our engines.
    Big this takes your engine purring like a kitten to a whole new level size hugs to you!
    Love ya!

  2. That would freak me out!!!

  3. Well, see, I probably saw it on Facebook and glazed over it. So I am thankful you posted about it, and truly thankful poor kitty is okay!


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