Thursday, August 1, 2013

Annual Montana Trip

Since I grew up in Montana and still have family there, we try to visit every Summer. Son and I flew out this time for a week and enjoyed ourselves! We stayed with my dad, visited family, did a few fun things, and relaxed.

I'll just share a few photo highlights with you:

This is how you know you're in Montana - one of the displays in the airport. :)

Saw the fireworks show after an annual Summer concert on the college lawn!

Visited my sister!

Scored some awesome golf shoes in my size for $5 at a thrift store.

New golf shoes did not improve my score when we golfed 9 holes together. Dad won of course - how can you go wrong when you start out with 7 pars in a row? Now if they would make it a Par 7 course instead of Par 3, I would be considered an awesome golfer. ;)

Went to the museum that I hadn't been to since childhood and was glad to see a couple things that I remembered, including this white buffalo named "Big Medicine."

I never miss a chance to go to The Parrot! I did share this sundae with my dad - all the ice cream is homemade and so are the toppings. SO delicious!!

My Aunt & Uncle gave us some hand-picked raspberries, so dad and I made raspberry freezer jam. I did get to taste it before I left - delish!!

We did a few other things that I didn't get pics of and I visited a few relatives on both sides of the family. And we ate out...a LOT. Mostly we enjoyed not getting up too early, hanging out with dad, and playing card games in the evening. Other than flight delays there and back, the trip was a good one!

Do you take a family trip in the Summer? Have you been to Montana?

Have a blessed day friends!


  1. I swear I commented on this post. I know I read it. *sigh* I'm getting old. LOL!
    I love that you get back to see your Dad every year and that he gets his Irish Cream ready and such. How fun.
    Big whether it be Irish Cream or Scottish Brandy it all sounds like fun size hugs to you.


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