Friday, August 2, 2013

How Can It Be August?

It wasn't until last night that I realized it was August 1st. Whaaatttt??? How can it be? I'm not ready, not ready at all.

Sure, August has some stuff going for it - like my son's birthday, nice warm weather, great clearance prices on Summer clothes, and a few more days of sleeping in. But it always feels like a countdown to me. It's a shock to realize that I'm running out of time to - buy school supplies, buy school clothes, finish every project I said I'd do in the Summer, come up with new lunch ideas for son, go camping, and so.much.more.

In fact, I promised my son that we would switch his room with the spare room "in the Summer" so guess who's frantically painting the spare room to get it ready?! We did clear a lot of stuff out of both rooms {um, don't even try to enter our living or dining room right now with all the junk temporarily stored there and thank goodness we have a separate family room}. Still need to buy a full-size mattress set & frame plus a new/used desk for son. And we haven't started on the switching of the closets, which are both crammed full - yuck. So that's where you'll find me the next few days as we try to get it totally finished, hopefully before son's birthday!

Son's birthday coming up reminds me - he'll turn 14 and will be starting high school. So that makes this particular August feel like a countdown to a whole new stage of life that I'm not quite ready for. It's like being on a roller coaster you've never tried as you click upwards toward the first drop - thrilling, of course, but you have no idea what twists and turns are coming! OK - deep breaths. We have been very blessed with a wonderful son and God is in control {whew!}! :)

Well, I guess I should go be productive and try to get a million and one things done before Summer is officially over {I say Summer is over when school starts - which is 8/20 for us - how about you?}.

Since it is still Summer though, maybe you {and I} should whip up a batch of Creamy Root Beer Freezes...

So, does August stress you out or is it just another Summer month to you?

Have a blessed day, friends!


  1. August is my busiest month. I'm exhausted the entire month pretty much. My husband does lumberjack competitions and August is the busiest for that. And since I do the scoring for many of those competitions, it gets crazy.

  2. I know isn't it crazy that it's August already? Sheesh. I try not to let it stress me out. I actually look forward to it as it's like getting over the hump of mid year and the holidays are just around the corner.
    We started back school yesterday and it's good to get back into a routine again.

    Big before you know it you'll be saying this about Christmas so you better start shopping now size hugs to you!


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