Saturday, September 7, 2013

Savor 7 {Saturday} ~ 9/7

Savor 7 {Saturday} is back - and you can link up with me! You can read last week's post, if you missed it. I'm keeping it simple by just posting the 7 blessings rather than using any certain categories like I did in the past.

Let's look back at our week and "savor" {to have experience of; to taste or smell with pleasure; to delight in} together. 

7 blessings. 7 experiences, tastes, smells, delights. 7 ways to share, encourage, inspire. 1 for each day of the week. Join me? Write your own post sharing 7 blessings from your week ~ link it up anytime this weekend. If you don't have a blog, share your blessings in the comments - I'd love to hear them!

Savored this week: 

1. It was so nice that all 3 of us had Monday off together. Usually if we're all off, then we have somewhere to be. But we had no deadlines - plenty of chores to do around the house, of course. We slept in and enjoyed a late breakfast before starting our day. Were you off on Monday?

2. I am so blessed to have a handy husband! He's very good at working on cars, so he did a tune-up on my car himself. He has saved us probably thousands of dollars over the years. His auto-shop classes in high school paid off!

3. Made some Sugar-Free Lemon Blueberry Sauce and had some of it on top of Low-Carb Waffles - yum! I know that low-carb waffles don't sound yummy, but they are a family fave - they have almond meal in them and we love the flavor. Plus they are more filling. You should give them a try sometime as they make a breakfast that sticks with you on a school day.

4. Son started taking tennis classes again this past week. I do enjoy relaxing in a chair and watching him play.

5. Son has choir class this year and has to get a tux for performances. They have a uniform exchange every year, so we went - I assumed we wouldn't find anything that fit him, except maybe a shirt. We found the whole thing - shirt, pants, jacket, cummerbund <----seriously did not know that's how that word was spelled, bow tie, etc.!! Woo Hoo! Saved some $ - what a blessing!

6. I was delighted to discover this free ebook {just sign up on her e-mail list} for bloggers by Trina Holden. The book is More Than Numbers - Blogging for people, not stats. It's based on a presentation she did at the Allume social media conference last year. I was blessed to be at that conference and I sat in on Trina's session. It was my favorite session by far!! So if you're a blogger or thinking about blogging, I think you'll be blessed by this ebook.

7. Pinterest. Do I even need to say more? :) {Find me on Pinterest.} Are you on Pinterest?

What blessings did you savor this week? Post your 7 and link up anytime over the weekend. Even if you don't post {or don't have a blog}, I'd love to hear about your blessings!

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Have a blessed weekend friends!

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  1. I just made your yummy lemon blueberry sauce. I can't wait to put it on pancakes tomorrow.

    Just the name of the ebook sounds great. I'll have to check it out.

    Big I'll be thinking of you tomorrow at breakfast size hugs to you!


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