Monday, August 18, 2008

Half of One...Six Dozen of the Other

It sounds correct if you say it fast, right? Right? Or did you not realize that I said it wrong?

I kid you not, I said that very phrase a couple of weeks ago. Sounded good to me! It gave us something to laugh about for the evening. My suggestion is to use it in conversation and see if people are actually listening to you - ha,ha!

Not sure why, but then that makes me think of, "Two halves make a whole." And then that makes me think of my two blogs - this one and the other: Stop Eating All The Chocolates. This one is my first love, but the other is just as much a part of me.

My husband feels that the two blogs work against each other - like dueling personalities - and finds it all very humorous. First I give you yummy chocolate on this blog and then you get to the other and I slap your hand and take it away! It's not really like that - I do love chocolate and I will never do without yummy recipes and taking a little break from stressful days to find a smile. But I also need to be more healthy and have my chocolate in manageable portions while making connections to hold myself accountable. So the two work together and make me...well, me!

The thing is, I could have a couple more blogs if I had the time, covering other parts of me. But I try to combine it all together on this one and hopefully it makes some sense to you.

Do you have more than one blog? What are your reasons? And are you able to keep up with them?

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh no, just one blog for me. I don't even keep up with my facebook anymore. I do good to read all the bolgs I have on my favorite list and then to post my own. I try to post every day but it just is not coming that easily to me any more. I just love connecting with people. I am a people person, always have been, and this has been just so much fun. Thank goodness I am retired (at 48!) and can stay home to read all this stuff! I have truly enjoyed getting to meet and know you.

  2. I began with a different blog, a general one, but I never felt I had anything "important" enough to say. I pretty much dropped it when I began my tea party blog. But I do keep one day a week for random/personal things.

  3. I have three. One for me, one for my reading/books, and one for cooking/recipes. Each fills a need.

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I can only handle one blog! I am balancing six children, a hubby and a writing ministry, ONE IS ENOUGH! I applaud all of you who can handle more than one! Fantastic!


  5. I have two too [as well as one I 'run' for my daughter] There may be a touch of schizophrenia, but it certainly helps keep me sane too.


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