Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tea for Two-sday ~ Tea in Helena

While I was visiting in Helena, Montana, I was on the lookout for tea, of course. There is not a tearoom there, which I find surprising. I even checked Teamap to make sure!

I did find these adorable little single tea bags in boxes in a store called Grand Junction. They have lovely things in there - most of them out of my price range, but so pretty. I found these single Revolution teas and couldn't resist! Aren't they cute? You'll have to excuse my slightly out-of-focus pictures.

Here is one, opened up. You can see that it's truly loose-leaf tea, so much better quality than what's usually in a tea bag.

At the end of my trip, I discovered a restaurant that served afternoon tea, but I ran out of time to try it! It was Riley's Irish Pub. On the lunch menu, it showed Afternoon Tea - you could get a pot of tea and some scones. Sigh...I wish I had been able to get it. Next time I'm there, though!

Have a tea-rrific, tea-lightful Two-sday!!


  1. Oh you and your tea. That does look like good tea and my husband loves the tea as well. So
    Tea-rrific right back at ya!

  2. What pretty pictures! And how ironic to read your post...I just finished writing an article tonight for an online mag on how tea is the perfect afternoon drink! (I love my coffee, but it keeps me up at night if I drink it in the afternoon! LOL)

  3. That looks lovely! Time to pull out the tea set and have a tea party with my little girl!


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