Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It Was My Best Blogaversary Ever

Well it was my only Blogaversary, but I still say it was the best - LOL! Wow - it was a blast! I hope you enjoyed all the partying with me! :)

Did you like the giveaways? I have the last 3 winners for you!

The winner of the Decorative File Folders from Misty Kristy Designs is...

Congrats Jessie!!

The winner of the Charm Necklace from RJ Charms is...

Lori Ann

Congrats Lori Ann!!

The winner of the Homemade Biscotti from me is...

Congrats Mary!!

That was really a lot of fun giving away all of those prizes! And don't forget to take advantage of the offer at RJ Charms for free shipping on any order over $10 (code is "chocolate")!

Thank you all so much for coming by during the party and leaving such wonderful comments!

Here's a little "vlog" to say thanks! You can try this link if you're not able to see the video. If you sign up at www.newbaby.com to load up your videos (public or private), come see me - over there I'm Lisablogschocolate.

Thanks again! Have a blessed day and I'll "see" you later! :)


  1. You are so cute my friend! LOL. Love the flipped up collar. You are so hip and cool. I'm so glad you're my friend because then I'm hip and cool by association! LOL.
    Big Here's to another year size hugs to you!!!

  2. Great video. I especially like the ending. :)

  3. HA! I want me some Starbucks! Love the outfit - so stylish!

  4. Happy first Blogaversary! Thank you very much for including my folders in the giveaways - it was an honor to be in the party! :-)

  5. Hey Lisa!
    Love it, you left us a video!
    Thanks for letting us be a part of your celebration. It was so fun!

  6. Congratulations to all your winners:-)

  7. Lisa, you will be surprised to learn that you should definitely talk to your son NOW - as in, as soon as this series is over! :) Don't worry, I'll give all the details!

  8. Yea! I won! Thank you so much Lisa it was a great week. Even though I usually don't comment unless you have a giveaway I so enjoy reading your blog each day.

    What a great little video. You are such a sweetie and I needed a laugh.

    I love you!

  9. You are just so stinkin' cute! And chocolate and starbucks -- girl, I adore you.

    and I WON! Thank you so much and I won something you make! Love that even more.

    Love hanging out with you.


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