Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Blogaversary Prize Winners and Still More Prizes to be Won

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a beautiful and blessed Resurrection Day!

I hope you are all having fun during my Blogaversary! I know I am! Since we don't usually do much for my birthday in real life, I am celebrating it vicariously through my Blogaversary - LOL!

I have some more prize winners to tell you about, but remember there are still prizes left. The party is not over yet!

The twitter-only prize of Harry & David Mint Creme Maltballs was drawn this weekend and the winner is...


Congrats to Donna!

Saturday's winner gets the 1/2 pound of Chocolate Raspberry Coffee from Javateas and the winner is...


Congrats Ginger!

Sunday's winner gets the Chocolate Apron from An Occasional Chocolate and the winner is...

The Real Me!

Congrats to Kim (who has been trying to win a giveaway on my blog for sooooo long - LOL)!

Yay for the winners! There are still 3 more prizes!! The deadline is tonight, then I will draw the last 3 winners and announce them tomorrow.

Remaining prizes are:

~ Cute set of decorative file folders from Misty Kristy Designs
~ Your choice of under $10 charm necklace from RJ Charms (and don't forget that she is offering you free shipping on any purchase over $10 if you use the code "chocolate"!)
~ Homemade biscotti (dried cranberry or double chocolate walnut) from me

See? Still great prizes left! More fun to be had! Probably even another post from me today!

Have a fabulous Monday!


  1. Congratulations to all your winners!!

  2. Happy happy happy happy birthday to YOU!!!! Let me guess...26? ;)

  3. Happy Birthday my friend! I hope you have a great one!

    And congrats to all the winners, esp Kim!

  4. I'm so excited! Yay me!! LOL. I love aprons and I love chocolate. What a better combo? Well real life chocolate but I'll settle! Hee! Hee!
    Thank you my friend for giving gifts on your own birthday!
    Big Chocolate Apron worn to make desserts size hugs to you!

  5. Oh yeah, and a GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!
    Do you want me to sing? Cause I will you know!!!
    Just let me know!!!


  6. A big congrats to all the lucky winners...
    Chocolate Blessings...

  7. Happy Birthday to you Lisa. Congratulations to all the winners so far. I pray you have a blessed week.


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