Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rather Random

Wow - Cake Week last week, double posts every day this week - what will happen next week? It might settle down a bit. BUT I will be having a giveaway later next week and it might involve chocolate!

My son won his baseball game last night!! Very exciting as it's only their 4th win this season. We are spoiled with such a nice Little League baseball park. It's always nice to hang out there and watch games, even when it's hot!

I was supposed to tell you about Phase 2 of my Procrastination Project today. Um, I didn't get it done...yet. I'm giving myself 2 more weeks to finish Phase 2. It has just been too busy around here this time of year, but summer vacation approaches.

I have a guest post up at My Wooden Spoon! I submitted it using Lori's cool new form. Only took me a day to realize that it had already been published and that she had even tweeted it. It's amazing how I keep up with what's happening all around me , isn't it? :) I would love it if you would stop by and leave a comment on my guest post! Plus, My Wooden Spoon is chock full of good stuff to look at anyway.

Y'all or Dude as they say in my state! You have got to slow down the blog posting! I am getting further behind and I don't like that feeling. So if everybody could just put their lives and blogs on hold until I catch up, that would be great (she says as she types up her second post for the day of double post week - LOL). :)

Tomorrow is Chocolate Friday already! Do you have a post ready to link up? I hope so because I don't...yet. Hmmm, I am sensing a pattern - maybe I should have named this week Procrastination Week!

I guess that's enough randomness for today. Tell me something random about yourself today!


  1. You are ambitious with your double posting my friend. LOL. But that just means twice the fun for me.
    Big Double your pleasure with double mint gum size hugs to you.

  2. I am loving your blog! And now I'm thinking what can I say about my favorite veggie tomorrow (ya know, chocolate comes from a bean, so it's a veggie).


  3. Hello, I,ve got an award for you on my blog, Thanks

  4. Oh you are too funny my friend with all this double posting. Talk about somebody needing to slow down ;)

    Can't wait for chocolate Friday! You know that's one of my fav days to come and check you out. Now I am off to go check out the Wooden Spoon. Take care my friend!


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