Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tea Party Favors In-a-Jar

Please excuse my lack of posting this week! And thank you all for sticking with me anyway! :) It was the first few days of school and it's taking me a while to get back in the swing of things. Did your kids start school already?

I co-hosted our church ladies annual tea party a couple of months ago and was in charge of the favors. I wanted to do something a little different, but keep it simple and thrifty. Anybody can put together favors like these - no craftiness required! :)

I had been saving empty jars {from Costco's sliced peaches in jars} for months and hubs was starting to wonder if I was turning into a hoarder! :) Bing! I knew that I could use the jars for my favors and tried to think of different ways to fill them. In the end, I made it very simple. And so tea party favors in-a-jar were born! The favors didn't include as many items as I would have liked, but the ladies seemed to enjoy them anyway!

If you're sitting down for a cup of tea, what do you need other than the pretty teacup {teacups & saucers were given to all the ladies to take home}? This would be a good start:

You need some tea to choose from, of course and you can't go wrong with some shortbread cookies! A pretty cloth napkin finishes it out. {You could include all sorts of items like tea spoons/stirrers, sugar packets or cubes, chocolate, a classic book from the thrift store, etc.}

Originally I was going to stuff the jars with the goody-filled napkins and top them with the lids over paper doilies. As I was working on them, I came up with this idea and liked it better.

I pulled the ends of the napkin out like flower petals and pinched together a paper doily to look like a flower. Much prettier than my original idea! Of course, a truly crafty person would have added pretty ribbon on the outside of the jar and a cute tag hanging from it, but I'm usually running short of time! :)

And *bonus* - each lady gets a nice practical, functional jar to take home! :) I handed out the lids to everybody before they left.

Materials I used:
 ~ Jars that I saved up, removed labels, and cleaned up - free
 ~ Cloth napkins {looked unused} purchased at half-price at the thrift store - less than 50 cents each
 ~ 2 boxes tea purchased at my regular discount grocery store - maybe 20-25 cents a bag?
 ~ Shortbread cookies purchased in box of 20 at World Market with discount coupon - less than 50 cents each
 ~ Paper doilies that I already had sitting in a drawer - free

So that means each favor cost less than $1.50! Not bad!

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What are some favorite tea party favors that you have received or given?

Have a lovely and blessed day friends! And don't forget that Savor 7 {Saturday} will be happening again this weekend - post about and link up your 7 blessings! You can link up your post all weekend, not just on Saturday {and I'll be promoting them on FB and Twitter!}.


  1. We did very much enjoy our favors that you put together for us. Thank you for all your help in co-hosting our annual fellowship tea! <3

  2. That is so cute! very cheap idea but it turns out elegant
    and appealing. great job!

  3. What a great party favors idea. It seems like it wasn’t too hard to pull off.

  4. Thanks so much for linking up at Thrifty Thursday last week! I featured your post this week and I hope you'll come on over and link up again! Have a great day :)


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