Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dare *Not* To Compare

There have been many wonderful posts written about making sure we aren't comparing ourselves to others in a way that makes us feel inferior, but I feel like it doesn't hurt to be reminded one more time. It used to be just magazines and television, but now with the internet at our fingertips all day long, it's so easy to be lured into thinking that we just aren't measuring up.

Thoughts enter our heads, like:

She's reading the Bible in 90 days? I can barely manage to read mine once a week.

I don't know how they get up so early every day - I can hardly get out of bed.

I wish I could be creative enough to decorate my house like that.

That dessert looks fabulous. My family is probably sad that I don't make fancy desserts.

Why can't I be successful at something? Nothing I do really matters or gets noticed.

I can tell you that Satan loves putting those thoughts into our heads. And the more we look around, the easier it is to believe in the negativity!

I just want to remind us all that everything, EVERYTHING we see on the internet is simply an edited snapshot - not a full picture of a life. Will you let that sink in for a minute? That gorgeous picture of the decorated living room isn't showing the overflowing closet or the struggles with misbehaving kids or the battle with depression. The successful 90-day Bible reader may have unsuccessfully tried the challenge 5 times before. The blogger with the amazing food photo might be heading through the McDonald's drive-through right now because there's not enough time to stop at home between activities.

If we remember to look upward instead of inward, we'll realize that we are successful - in the things that God wants us to be successful in {with His help} - even if it doesn't seem like it's ever noticed. We each have our own gifts in our own seasons and thankfully, we are unique! Why compare? Don't let blog challenges or Pinterest pics get you down - enjoy them, let them encourage you or give you a new idea to try, realize that maybe they don't match up with your season right now which is OK and move on.

These thoughts struck me a few months ago as I took a pic of a dessert {Pumpkin Pie Pudding with Maple Sugar Nuts & Cream -yum} for a guest post. Now, my pics are certainly not professional as I am far too lazy to do more than use my automatic camera in bad lighting and get a close enough shot that I don't need to bother editing in any way. But my goal is to make the food look good enough to make you want to try the recipe. Here's the pic:

When you see this pic, I want you to think: Oh yum, I want to try making that and I bet I can do it if she can do it! Or - Mmmm...pumpkin, that reminds me - I should make that pumpkin bread my family likes. Or - I have some similar dishes and maybe I can serve some fruit in them for dessert.

What I don't want you to think: Wow, she always makes such fancy desserts - I could never do that. Or - She puts everything together so nicely - my family is too chaotic to even try to present something like this. Etc. Don't. Really.

Because let's just zoom on back from that cute little photo:

See what I mean? I hope you get a good laugh or a sigh of relief from this pic. Why, WHY are we comparing ourselves to only one little piece of a much bigger puzzle? It just doesn't make sense. Let's stop and just cheer each other on for the little gifts or successes experienced in a day. Dare *not* to compare, my friends!

Please take a moment, close your eyes {OK, well you can finish reading this sentence first - LOL}, and think about something that you've done well this week or this month or this year. Virtually pat yourself on the back and thank the Lord for blessing you with that success and making you unique. Take a deep breath, find your smile, and go on with your day. You.are.awesome.

If you feel led to share your thoughts on comparisons or a success you've experienced, no matter how big or little - I'd love to hear it all in the comments!

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Thank you for stopping by and reading today! Have a blessed day friends!

P.S. Day 4 finished of my 22-post challenge {don't compare if you're having trouble blogging - use it as a little nudge to get you posting again even if it's just once a week}. Also - if you want to join in the blogging challenge for the rest of the month - you can post whatever number of times you want. I've added a linky to the original post. Link up your blog if you want to challenge yourself to increase your posts for April and let us come cheer you on!


  1. Aren't we all so susceptible to the comparing game! One would never think our Pappa God created us all with our own set of fingerprints!! May we see with His eyes to see ourselves the way He does. Visiting via Serving Joyfully.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Mia! There are so many things we need to see with His eyes!

  2. Wonderful post! There is so much truth here! Thanks for the encouragement. Be blessed!

  3. Great post my friend. It's so easy to get stuck in the comparison rut.
    Big I'm laughing it up because what surrounds my "cute" pictures looks a lot like yours size hugs to you.
    Love ya!

    1. That makes me feel better then my friend! :)

  4. Oh mylanta, I loved this! Thank you for keeping it real. We're all the same...fully human. The only way we can differentiate ourselves truly is being fully His...


    Stopping by from the Life In Bloom link up and am so glad I did!

    1. Thanks Nikki! Glad you liked it and can relate!

  5. Wow, love it! Thank you, seriously this was a much needed reminder.

    1. I think we need to be reminded daily - LOL! :)

  6. IF I am not careful, I can fall into that trap every day. Such a needed reminder.

    1. Thanks Barbie! It's so very easy to fall into it.

  7. I loved this post, and just shared it on the link up features for today. Love for people to see this! have a great day!

  8. I love this and I would love to share it on my blog! I think everyone needs to be reminded of this!


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