Thursday, April 18, 2013

If You Have Nothing To Say, Stop And Write A...Haiku?

With my blogging challenge this month, I warned you that not every post would contain brilliance. :) But forcing myself to come up with a post feels like a good thing and makes my brain work a little better - I think!

So, I didn't have much of anything to say and decided to write a couple haikus about blogging! And you know what? It was kind of fun and got the creative juices flowing! I recommend it! If you don't want to do any haikus in a post, try leaving one in the comments. I won't judge your haikus if you don't judge mine - LOL!
Blogging Haikus:

Blogging is your work,
Working at your writing craft,
Crafting words of joy.

Turning images
Swirling all around my brain
Into word paintings.

Your turn! Got a haiku or poem to share? Try writing one and get some new brain "muscles" working! :)

Post #11 of my 22-post blogging challenge {check out the recap here}.

Have a blessed day friends!


  1. God bless you! Ha! Ha! Ha! Get it Haiku? Achoo? Okay fine.
    I like your poem but it hurts my brain to write in Haiku form. I'm more of a sing songy type of poem writer.

    Big a hug is a hug unless it's a bug size hugs to you!
    You know I love ya!

  2. I love this. My brain is too fried to think of a Haiku? Oh geesh!


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