Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stop And Write A Blog Post Mid-Month Recap {April Blogging Challenge}

That title was kind of a mouthful - LOL! Just wanted to recap how things are going for me during the blogging challenge and see how it's going for you! {And you can still join in this challenge for the rest of the month!}

If you look back at the original post, you'll see why I decided to do the challenge and you'll also see that 4 wonderful bloggers linked up and joined in with me! Awesome job to Homesteader's Heart, My Freshly Brewed Life, Summer's Story, and Life In Focus!!

My goal was to post every weekday for the month of April, which would be 22 posts total. If I was right on track, this post should be #13. But I am behind, so this post is #10. I'm 3 behind!!! I do plan to write another post today, so then I'll only be 2 behind. I still want to hit my 22, so I'll be trying to make up those extras as I go.

But this isn't necessarily about each person hitting a certain number of posts. It's about taking that nudge to write and challenging yourself to do it no matter what. Sometimes it takes getting back into the writing habit to find our voice, our inspiration, and our joy again! I'm still struggling some with my own challenge, but the writing is getting a little easier.

How are you doing with this challenge? Has it been easy or hard? Have you learned anything new about yourself?

If you didn't join the challenge before, but feel that nudge to post more on your blog, feel free to join in and link up! If you do every weekday for the rest of the month, starting today - you could squeeze in 10 posts! Or come up with your own number or just a pledge to post more than you are now.

If you've already joined the challenge, link up your blog below {either your blog, a fave post from the challenge, or a recap post}. If you're new to the challenge, but want to join in, link up your blog below {either just your blog or a post about the challenge}.

Post #10 of my 22-post challenge.

Have a blessed day friends!


  1. Hi Lisa! I am doing really go so far with the challenge. But now my dashboard is empty of the few drafts I was working on, so we will see how the next week goes. Tonight I plan to post another review. Just doing that once a week is helping me get caught up! Thanks for the challenge.

  2. Good on you for doing this. I couldn't possibly write every day of the week for a month :) Good luck for the rest of the month!

  3. You go, girl! I haven't signed up for these challenges, as I know I wouldn't keep up. I wrote for 8 days straight twice, and I was so stressed and struggling by the end. Whew! Definitely not my style. Good luck!

  4. This has actually been easier than I originally thought. I think I've only missed one post.

    Big a kick in the butt is all that I need sometimes and since it's coming from Cali it doesn't hurt so bad size hugs to you!


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