Friday, October 18, 2013

You CAN Bake Scones

If I can bake scones, then you can too! Last week I told you that you can bake biscotti, and now I'm telling you that you can bake scones! Don't be afraid - you can do this. If you can bake bread or make a cake, then I know you can handle scones. And oh - homemade scones are soooo yummy.

These are my fave scones - they're cream scones and they are very simple. They are the first scones I ever made {thanks to the homemade mix & recipe given to me by a friend}!

Here's how simple baking scones can be: Mix up the dough/batter; Knead a little; Pat into circles; Cut into wedges; Bake. Sometimes you make them in other shapes or bigger or smaller. Sometimes you brush the tops with something before baking. It's really that easy. If that still scares you, they even make special scone pans that already have the wedge separations - just put your batter in and bake!

 I think you should pick a scone recipe today and make some for breakfast tomorrow morning {scones are most delicious when fresh, but still good leftover}! The above scones are the only ones that I have a recipe for here on my blog. All the other scones I've tried are from various internet sources. All were yummy! Here they are in case you want to try them...

You CAN bake scones!

Have you made scones before? Do you have a favorite scone recipe? Did you think that baking scones was more complicated? Share in the comments!

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